CHRS - The Center for Hydrometeorology and Remote Sensing at UCI

CHRS Research Areas

The Research Areas are organized into 4 sections as outlined below. Please click on the link to go to that section.
  • Hydrologic Prediction
    • Motivation
    • Premises
    • Approach
    • Activities
      • Improve Meoscale Modeling
      • Improve time-varying boundary conditions using EOS SST data
      • Improving the stimulated triggering of convective events in urban areas
      • Ensemble Weather Forecasting
      • Improving snow modeling component in Land Surface Models
      • Assimilation of Satellite Snow Data
      • Usage of Remote-Sensing Data
      • Surface Hydrology Forecasting and Prediction System
  • Satellite Precipitation
    • Motivation
    • Premises
    • Approach
    • ANN Training
    • Input Variables
    • Activities
      • The PERSIANN System
      • The PERSIANN System Fine Resolution Precipitation Estimates Using PERSIANN-Cloud Classifcation System
      • Data Merging from Multiple Sensors
      • Error Analysis of Precipitation Estimates
  • Water Resources
  • Hydrologic Education