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Decision Support

CHES is Developing a suite of decision support tools. These include

G-WADI Realtime High Rsolution Precipitation Server:

In cooperation with UNESCO-IHP, CHRS, who is a founding member of the Water and Development Information fopr Arid Lands- A Global Network (G-WADI), has developed an online service (G-WADI GeoServer) that provides real time high resolution (0.04° /3 Hourly) precipitation estimates. Realtime estimates are based on the PERSIANN-CCS system, which is currently running in parallell at CHRS and at NOAA's National Environmental Satellites, Data, and Information System (NESDIS). The system components are seen in figure 1, below

Figure 1. G-WADI GeoServer Components.

The GeoServer Provides is built on the ms4w implementation (Windows platform) of the Universioty of Minnessota MapServer. Using OGR and GDAL Utilities, large data sets were processed to to create visualization pyramids for large raster layers such as the NASA 500 m, Blue Marble sets and globally merged stream, dem, vegetation, and water bodies data. The server, which is currently running on a pentium 4 PC, provides zooming, vector and raster queries, and report generation functionalities.


This is a joint NASA project with Professor Dennis Lettenmaier's group at the University of Washington. The objective of the project is to develop a monthly and seasonal setreamflow forecasts for the state of California, based on the UW West-Wide Forecast system. More information to come soon.